Do you describe your child as a picky or fussy eater?

Do you dread offering your child food?

Do you worry that they are not getting the nutrition they need to grow and develop?

Do you feel stressed, frustrated and just about DONE with dealing with fussy eating?

Do happy family mealtimes seem like a distant dream?

Let us help you by empowering you with the knowledge and strategies you need to start enjoying family meal times again!

Because stressful mealtimes can be so complex, we have teamed up to support you and your child in a holistic way: 


Your family dietitian, Stina 

Your kids feeding expert, Simone from Play With Food

Your parenting mentor, Mel from Love Parenting


We will help you to figure out what is going on at mealtimes for your child and your family.


We will work together to help you implement strategies tailored for your specific situation.

Stina is a non-diet dietitian with a passion for helping families enjoy food. She will equip you with knowledge and skills to help you help your child foster a positive relationship with food and become a competent eater.

Simone from Play With Food works in the feeding therapy arena with very picky eaters. She has lots of parenting nuggets of gold to share about navigating meals with fussy children. Her signature work is observing children eat during playful feeding experiences.

Mel from Love Parenting is a parenting mentor specialising in reducing parent overwhelm. It is a tough gig keeping everyone’s emotions from escalating when picky eating is an issue. Mel helps you draw on your strengths to bring calm to the family table.

Pick your level of support

Support level 1

Basic assessment and tailored advice

  1. One consult with Stina
  2. PLUS the online program ‘Goodbye Picky Eating’ by Simone

A personalised assessment of your child and an opportunity to discuss their eating difficulties and concerns related to this. You’ll walk away with tailored advice and recommendations for what areas of the online program to focus on for your specific situation. This is a great pick if you confident you just need someone to steer you in the right direction and so you can be on your way!  Of course, if you get stuck and want more help Stina and the rest of the team is still available for individual appointments at any time.

Price: $279

Support level 2

Complete assessments and a tailored plan

  1. One consult with Stina
  2. One consult with Simone
  3. One consult with Mel
  4. PLUS the online program ‘Goodbye Picky Eating’ by Simone

An in person or Skype consult with Stina, a Skype playdate with Simone, and an in-person or Skype consult with Mel. This gives you an amazing, holistic assessment of your child, your family, your stress points and your strengths. You’ll get an in-depth understanding of how to help your child learn to be more open to new foods and eating experiences, how to reduce stress at the table, how to meet their nutritional needs, and how to use your family’s strength to build a positive family food environment.

Price: $449

Support level 3

Complete assessments, a tailored plan and follow-up support

  1. Two consults with Stina
  2. Two consults with Simone
  3. Two consults with Mel
  4. PLUS the online program ‘Goodbye Picky Eating’ by Simone

The same holistic assessment and approach as support level 2, but with follow-up consultations with all of us. This will give you a chance road test all the strategies you put in your tool belt after meeting with us all the first time and completing the online program. The follow-up appointment will then give you a chance to de-brief and discuss anything you would like to tweak even further.  A recommended pick if you feel completely out of depth with the challenge at hand. 

Price: $729

What is included in the ONLINE component of the program?

Click photo for more info about the online program

The online program provides you with evidence based information on what we know about picky eating and how to help our children become more open to new experiences with food. It includes fun exercises and ideas for you to put your learning into action straight away, and a practical workbook for you to print and bonus eBooks covering budget family meals, kid friendly meals, witching hour friendly meals and more!


8 easy-to-read modules delivered to you every two days, filled with visuals, videos and activities:

1.Teaching Your Kids To Love Food – Diving into the dynamics and influences of eating.

2.Family Meals – How to eat together without losing your cool.

3.Picky Eating Explained – Gain a better understanding of picky eating behaviour, red flags for problematic feeding and the tools to keep up your sleeve.

4.Healthy Budget Friendly Meals – Filled with practical tips and ideas on how you can save money, reduce waste and still create healthy balanced meals for the whole family.

5.Lunchbox Nutrition and Picky Eaters at School – How do you reduce your child’s food related anxiety at preschool/ school.

6.Meal Plan Like A Boss! – How to get meal planning working for your family with family-proof hacks, systems and inspiration.

7.Selecting Food For Your Family – A nutrition mini-class to equip you with the tools to plan your food selection and read product labels.

8.Screens and Meals. How do screens influence your child when it comes to meal times? A guide to finding a balanced approach to living in a digital age.


When you sign up, you’ll receive a code to access the program. You can then chose to get started straight away so when you come to your first appointment, you might have already started getting clues as to what is going on and we can make progress so much quicker! 

What is included in the IN PERSON/ SKYPE components of the program?

Office or Skype appointments

Stina offers appointments at her Hamilton office or via Skype. She is passionate about helping parents and children develop a healthy relationship with food.


Together you will explore what your food philosophy is, how you would like to feel when you sit down to a meal with your family, and what you would like your child’s relationship with food to look like. We will then be able to compare it to what is going on in your family feeding dynamic at the moment, and make a plan for how to bridge the gap between the goal and the current situation. 


You will also get a chance to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s nutritional intake and make a plan for how to address any issues. 

Skype play-date

A Skype play date is Simone’s unique, playful way of helping stressed out parents get some one-on-one and tailored eating assistance with their kids. She hops on Skype (with or without my kids) along with a platter of our pre-arranged food list (some preferred foods and some goal foods). You converse in the lead up to the play date so that she can pick a best fit menu for you. Ultimately, the foods are tailored to your child’s preference and your goal foods.


During the session Simone keenly observes your child’s approach to foods, in particular how they respond to and how they opt-out of challenging situations. You all have a great time trying out these new foods!

Office, Skype or outdoor appointments

Mel offers a range of options. You can see her via Skype, at her comfortable studio office in Lambton, for a walking or playground appointment at Lambton park or just over the phone! 


Mel believes parents shine when they have access to independent/non-judgemental support that is woven with empathy and evidence-based strategy and experience. She helps you identify your family’s strengths so you can use these clues to cross-pollinate the successes you are having into areas you feel frustrated about.

What happens when you book in?

When you click through to book in, you’ll be given the option to book in for ‘Goodbye Stressful Mealtimes’ option 1, 2 or 3, which corresponds to the level of support you wish to engage. 


Your first appointment will be with Stina, and she will relay your information to Simone and Mel so you can organise your appointments with them. 

Once you have booked in you will receive an email with a payment link (securely through PayPal), and once you have paid you will receive a confirmation email with a link and password to log in to the online program and you’ll be on your way!

Have questions?

Wondering what level of support to choose? If the program is right for you and your child?


Please email Stina at and she will be able to answer your question!