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About me

Stina Oftedal Dietitian and Nutritionist 2Hi,

I’m Stina. I’m a non-diet dietitian.

I guide women to discover a life where food is for nourishment, pleasure and connection, not a reflection of how good or bad they are. I also equip mums with the tools they need to help their children lay the foundations for a life-long positive relationship with food and their body.

As a dietitian, I help my clients work towards a stress-free relationship with food. This allows them to stop wasting so much precious energy on worrying about what they ‘should’ eat and suppressing their bodily cues of hunger. For the individual, this means they start nourishing their body and enjoy the relief and peace of mind that comes with eating intuitively instead of the guilt and shame that comes with going back and forth between “dieting” and “feeling out of control” with food. For the family, this means mealtimes no longer causes frustration, worry and anxiety.


I’m a lover of coffee and baked goods. I’m in my element in the kitchen with some good tunes or interesting podcast playing. I’m a forever student. I started and finished a business degree, then a degree in health science (nutrition and dietetics), and then threw a PhD on top for good measure. During my PhD years I had the pleasure and privilege of working with hundreds of children with Cerebral Palsy and their families across Queensland, while also working in private practice at a unique wellness centre in Brisbane. The average age of the gym-goers must have been 60 years. When you see 70 year old women lifting weights and doing pilates for the first time in their life (and loving it!) you realise it’s never too late to incorporate life- enhancing movement into your life! We moved to Newcastle when I was wrapping up my PhD and we love it here.

During my PhD years I also had two children, so now I have a 3-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy who keep me very busy. At the moment I’m informally studying and enjoying the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation. My children constantly remind me of the importance of practicing compassion for both others and myself. I’m also a Norwegian and good old Scandinavian “hygge” is ingrained into my soul! I love making a special occasion out of everyday events, creating family rituals that anchor the week and give us something to look forward to and allows us to log off, slow down and connect in our busy lives. If you follow me on Instagram (@dietitian_stina) you’ll see snippets of our day-to-day moments of hygge.

When thinking about returning to work after maternity leave with my son, I decided to follow my passion. It has been slowly growing since having my daughter in 2013 and realising that I am her #1 role model when it comes to what she learns about food and her body through my ACTIONS and my WORDS. I started the journey to body positivity and letting go of all the remnants of various diet rules that had stuck in my head over the years. It isn’t an easy journey and I often have to I also had to come to terms with my instincts being at odds with the commonly accepted “diet mentality” being the means to achieving health. I then found the world of non-diet dietitians and health providers and found that this approach meshed perfectly with my gut feelings of how “health” should be approached.

So if you’re a woman who:

  • Is sick of wasting time on the internal battle over choosing what to eat?
  • Is thinking about food all the time but never feel like you’re satisfied?
  • Can’t enjoy your favourite foods because it’s always overshadowed by guilt, shame and feelings of not being good enough?
  • Sometimes feel “out of control” with food and find that you’re on a never-ending cycle of restricting food and bingeing on food?

Or a parent where:

  • The though of feeding your child makes you feel stressed?
  • You’re sick of family mealtimes feeling frustrating instead of being an opportunity for connection?
  • You feel anxious about the gap between what you feel your child should eat and what they’re actually eating?

Drop me a line or call me for an informal chat about how I can help you start learning an easier way to live when it comes to food, be that for your self or your child.

Thank you for reading,